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To activate the service of amazon.com/mytv, you will need to go to this site, enter the login information for your account from Amazon Video. Once you have logged into your account, you will be given a unique 5 or 6-digit code. After entering the amazon registration code, you need to press the button to continue and enjoy this service.


How to activate Amazon Prime TV from Amazon.com/mytv?


Amazon Prime Videos is the biggest entertainment video portal in the world. To activate Amazon Prime on your TV follow the below steps:


  1. Click on the app store of your smart TV app.
  2. Now find the Amazon Prime app in your store and add it to your channel.
  3. Open the Amazon Prime app after a successful adding to your channel box.
  4. Check out the option of register on the Amazon website (Amazon.com/mytv) and click on it.
  5. As soon as you click on register a pop up will be displayed on your screen this is Amazon Prime Verification code which is generated now from your click.
  6. Next, you have to copy this Amazon.com/mytv enter code on your notepad and now move towards amazon.com/mytv URL in your browser.
  7. Now submit your details into your Amazon Prime account.
  8. Paste the Amazon mytv code in the place which reads Amazon Prime verification code. The code that you have just copied on your notepad.
  9. Now, at last, confirm the code and if it says correct click on registering device. You have completed all steps now Amazon Prime videos are ready on your TV.

You may be asked to choose the TV cable providers Network in some cases of activation of Amazon Prime on your TV. You have to simply scroll down in the list and sign into your account that will complete your activation process.


Why should I subscribe to amazon prime video?


  • You will experience a great benefit of high quality of videos such as 4k and Ultra Hd videos.
  • You can download the videos and watch them offline depending on your mood.
  • The Amazon prime video interface is quite user friendly as it is easy to operate.
  • There is a search button in the left corner where you can search for the movies or series.
  • Thousands of movies are there just in a single subscription.